Top technology in the small price-UNIQLO!

December 3rd, 2012

Do you know UNIQLO? It is one of the biggest Japanese clothes makers. Every winter, my grandmother and mother talk about this maker. It is because their high tech underwear for the winter. Especially my mother gets cold so easily. She eats well, but she is naturally so skinny. When I touch her hand in winter it is like I am touching an ice cube. She always says she hates winter, but as a full time worker, she can’t stay inside the home all day. She has to go out to take bus and train to go to work every day, 5 days a week. Around 10 years ago, the UNIQLO started to sell the underwear called “heat tech”. I remember that there were so many TV commercials on TV to say how warm and cheap this top technology clothes are. I was in junior high school. I went to buy the super underwear with my mother and she bought like 2 for each of us. Next day I put them and simply, fell in love. My mother and I wear same size. She and I shared the super underwear depends on the clothes we put. 10 years ago there were just long and short sleeve shirt, but now there are like 182 different kinds of products.

I am pretty happy to live in France, but today when I was walking in snow I felt why there are no UNIQLO around my place…. There are 3 shops in France actually, but they are all in Paris. I don’t feel like to go to Paris just to buy underwear, so I will wait and see if they are willing to make some shops around my town. If the day finally came, I will bring all my friends over there to introduce this magical product! The town I live is even colder than the town I lived with my parents when I first discovered the heat tech. People here do need this!

UNIQLO is well known for their low price high quality products. That is why it is so great mark for the entire family member. If you have very active kids that break their clothes in one play date, they do need low cost high quality clothes. High quality clothes mean they help to reduce heat when it is hot and keep us warm in winter. It is important for all of us, but especially the one with age and kids who can’t control the body temperature well.

It was family tradition to go to UNIQLO before the family trip every summer and winter. We choose our favorite clothes to enjoy the special trip. I hope when my son is old enough to choose his own clothes, there is a UNIQLO around the place I live to continue this family tradition!

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photo by: hetgallery

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