WC- not a toilet, it’s a new cool fashion brand!

September 21st, 2012

The brand names WC. What is the first expression of yours? Mine was, hm, why not. The reason my reaction stays calm is just because I knew the brand owner when I know this brand exists. I don’t mean that I know her in person, but she was a famous TV star.

Even I don’t watch so much TV program, I knew her. She is funny, honest, edgy person. At the time I knew her just through the TV, for me she was just a casual cute girl. I was pretty surprised when I saw her fashion brand on my favorite fashion magazine.

The clothes are a bit like hippie style. Not that sophisticated, working style for sure. I liked it from the first site. It is like 2 years ago that I started to get interested in her brand. I looked how it will grow. Now, it is getting more and more popular. I follow her through her blog mostly. It seems this brand has own Facebook page too. The name of the owner is “Chinatsu Wakatsuki” a young, cute and talented girl. The thing I like about this brand is even a very small girl like me, with this brand, I can look cute. My height is 153cm. It can be pretty depressing to see a fashion magazine with all the tall, gorgeous, very good looking models. This brand, of course it looks very good on tall models too, but since Mrs. Wakatsuki is not tall either, she makes a lot of design which fit to small girls such as short boots, short skirt, tight t-shirt and hats.

She put her pictures with her clothes often on her blog. It will help me well how to coordinate to look good. The price isn’t the cheapest, but still pretty reasonable I would say. Another interesting point is her character. You can see it in the t-shirt below.

This character is KUMATAN. Kuma means bear in Japanese. Tan is like miss or mr, but one of the cutest ways of saying. It can be pretty childish to put tan too, but it fits with character I think. Since she was a big TV star, she has a lot of connection to make the goods, snacks, sweets with this character on the packages. Sometimes famous other fashion brands make clothes or accessories with this character on. It is pretty interesting to follow what she makes with this character and her inspiration.
Now so many Japanese TV stars have their own fashion/cosmetic/perfume/food brands. So it can be interesting to look for their brands if you have your

favorite TV star or actors/actresses in Japan.

Thank you to read my article.

Soon weekend!


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