Weird, Dangerous yet very Sensual movie- Helter Skelter

January 17th, 2013


Did you watch a nice movie in your winter holiday? I watched some funny movies, serious movies and some original movies from over sears as well. Movies always tell me many lessons about lives, worlds and different societies. One very interesting movie was released in Japan in 2012. It is called “Helter Skelter”. It is a movie about a top model who got her beauty thanks to whole body plastic surgery. I like the director of this movie. Her name is Mika Abukawa. She is a movie director but at the same time she is a professional photographer. I like her vivid colorful pictures. I went to her gallery once to see her stunning work. I mostly saw her pictures in fashion magazines with well known models or actresses/actors, but pictures of nature or arts were also breath taking. If you have already seen her arts, you might already know what kind of pictures she takes. The world of the movie is just like the one we see in her pictures, beautiful, fantasy, dangerous and yet very sensual.

Since the main actress is a really loved by all Japanese paparazzi, there were lots of gossips and rumors about the movie before it released. The main actress, Ms Erika Sawajiri was well known as a selfish unsocial actress. I wasn’t motivated to go to watch a movie that I heard more about gossips about the actress than the movie itself. When I watched the preview of the movie, I thought I wouldn’t like the movie either. I usually don’t like a movie with mental problems or drug issues, but after the movie was released, lots of my friends recommended it to me. They said it is scary or weird movie but there is a good story behind all the images. I agree with them. It is a beautiful and artistic movie with a serious story. I don’t like the movie with drugs or mental problems because I know it is an act in a film and it makes me feel weird to watch it. I do like these kinds of topics in a book or comic books. I still felt in same in some scenes, but mostly I could enjoy the movie.

If you got bored with normal action or love romance movies, I recommend you to watch the movie. It is not a kind of movie you watch with a kid, but when you feel like you are doing routine and want to have some changes in your life, it might be a movie for you.

For 2013, I hope I can find lots of interesting movie that changes me or motivates me to be a better person.

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photo by: jingdianmeinv3

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