White dot and charisma- Yayoi Kusama

November 14th, 2012

Do you recognize the very flashy dot art or the woman in the middle? The picture is the show window of Louis Vuitton in Paris. The woman at middle is of course a doll, but I have to admit that it took me just 2 second to notice who she is. Her name is Ms. Yayoi Kusama, one of the most famous artists now in Japan. As you can see from the picture, the feature of her arts is these colorful back ground and dots. The red and white one is one of the most popular motifs, but at her museum, you can find much bigger pieces with lots of color variations.

The first time I saw her was on TV 10 years ago. I was eating my breakfast before to go to school. Then I saw the red hair woman in the very sensational red dress with white dots all over. It was the news about a ceremony for the medals of honors. Since the medal is not just for artists, most of them were men in dark color suits. You can easily guess how recognizable she was in her red dress like the picture in the cloud of dark suits guys. I remember well how surprised I was by the video of the news, but back then I wasn’t really a person who cares about arts. Now I am still not somebody who is crazy about the arts, but I like to see the different side of the world. I like to see the pieces that take me to the different world. 10 years from the morning news of Ms. Kusama, now I can honestly say that her arts do take me to her world. It is tough to explain why the pieces with the dots are so special, but by watching them, I feel something that I don’t feel in usual life.

Once I read an article about her when I was in university. I just simply thought that her style with all the dot and colorful back ground is her style, but it seems there is a reason for that. When Ms.
Kusama was small, she was suffered by the disease called schizophrenia. It is a disease that you see many delusions. To fight with the delusions, she started to draw the pictures full of the colorful dots. It occupied her mind and helped her to avoid having the delusions. Some people call her process of making her arts a ceremony to defend herself from the delusional evils. It is unknown that if she still has schizophrenia. The arts have very strong messages that hit you after the one step you go closer to her piece. If you get a chance, I wish you can see the piece with your own eyes.

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photo by: jujuly

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