Women who got all you wish-gorgeous athletes

November 19th, 2012

What is the most important thing that you wish that your partner has? Strength, kindness, charm, big smiles, there are so many things that you wish that your partner has to cheer your days. One more question, do you have your ideal boyfriend or girlfriend that you found on TV or films? Of course I don’t say that it is somebody you can’t get. Sometimes you can get them with lots of efforts and some enormous luck. Usually these stars are from film industry or models, but now it seems professional athletes are one of them. Always before and after the big international sports festival like Olympic or World cup, there are special programs and articles about the gorgeous athletes with well cared body and nice flesh smiles. The members of soccer and baseball team have been always the stars, but now female athletes are getting more and more popular in the fashion and TV industries.

On the last World Cup of the women’s soccer, Japanese team got a first prize. Before the big match, there were no channels that we can watch the games of women’s soccer. It had never been so popular sports until the big result. After the World Cup, there were regularly games for the Olympic and practices. All the games were on the air and the number of people who watched them was one of the top among all the other programs as well. Of course the girls who won the first prize deserve the big public attention, but the weird thing is they start to be like a celebrity with gossips. Many gossips came out on the news paper saying that one of the team member has a boyfriend or break up with him, the girls went to a night club and drunk too much etc. I had never seen that they make gossips about the athletes before in the same way that they do for the movie stars. It sounds unfair, but I have seen these kinds of articles on the top star in the baseball team or soccer team and the important point is they were men.

What does it mean that all the female athletes are getting that popular and be treated differently in Japan these days? Many Japanese people and people from foreign countries say that Japanese women are getting stronger and stronger. At the same time, Japanese men are becoming more feminine. It simply means more women work for families and more men help the house jobs to keep the balance. There are absolutely nothing wrong about it. So does it mean that men found strong girls sexy and attractive? All the athlete women are strong and very powerful. If it means that, I am very happy to see all the crazy movements around these girls.

I hope to see more Japanese women on the international stages.

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photo by: StuSeeger

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