Yarn saves Japan?

December 17th, 2012

Being pregnant is something wonderful. I do know that and everybody else reminds me often enough not to forget how big job it is to give birth to a child, but I have to admit that I can’t go to ski, of course I can’t go to skate link to enjoy my favorite winter sport either. After I got 10kg of weight, it is not always easy thing to go to walk because of my back pain. So what will I do for fun for this winter? The answer is knitting. I love cooking, talking with friends so I will use my time for these kind of things too, but in 2 month of the rest of pregnancy, I decided to make 3 things I have never made in my life.

Since the big earthquake that occurred in March 2011, Japanese economy and the way of thinking in people changed. The part that got big damage through the earthquake is mostly the north part of Japan. The part is famous for gorgeous fish, squid and other sea food products, but at the same time there is a small project that goes on to help the economic situation in the region. It is called “knitting in Kesennuma project”. Kesennuma is the place that got a huge damage through the earthquake. This big port town got a serious damage economically and mentally through the disaster. One year and nine month passed since the earthquake, the region is recovering. They start to fish again. There are women on the boats too, but fishing is mostly the men’s job. So what are the women doing to recover? They support their men, clean the damage that earthquake cased and yes, they knit. Fisherman is a tough job. They need to stand up in cold whether it is snowing or raining. From long time ago, wives made nice warm handmade knit sweaters to their husband. That is the source of this knitting project.

With the help of Mrs. Mikuni Mariko, the project is now on. Mrs. Mikuni Mariko is one of the most popular knitting artists in Japan. Her book is always the top seller in this section as well. She helps the wives to make high quality, warm handmade sweater to customers all over the Japan. The price of the sweater is almost 10 times more expensive than the sweater you buy in normal shop, but the sweater is made just for you by a woman in Kesennuma. So far the project is slowly known through media. I can’t afford to buy a sweater from them for now, but as a knit lover, I am willing to participate on this project if I get a chance!

If you don’t know what to do in a night or if you are looking for new hobby now, why not try knitting? It looks difficult, but once you get it, there is nothing to stop you!

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photo by: orchidgalore

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