Yellow, white, dark, what is the light skin color for you?

December 18th, 2012

If you can change your skin color, would you change it? When I watch Olympic game or some sports event, I always feel black skin with lean muscle looks so sexy. In fashion magazines, light skin color girl with strong color make up looks stunning, Asian girls with black hair gives sexy exotic image on any pictures. In any situation, in any skin color looks gorgeous. Surely each color gives different image on people, but it is a part of the character that we got.

In Japan, the trend has always been “as white skin as possible”. There are millions of beauty products to make the skin lighter color. When I was a student, I was very active sporty girl. I played tennis when I was in junior high school. I was in a handball team when I was high school. With the team member, we always made fun of each other how dark we look on the pictures. We really didn’t care how our skin looks like, but if we compared to the girls who don’t do outside sports, our skin did look dark. My grandmother often told me to have lighter skin color if I want to look like a “girl”. In her generation, lighter skin color gives the image of a girl who stays in home, helping mother’s house works. That makes girls “girly”.
In summer, you can see that more than half of the girls in town have special umbrellas to protect their skins from sun burn. Almost all the girls put a cream to keep their skin as lighter color as possible too. Any skin color looks gorgeous as long as it is natural, but I don’t like much when girls put very white foundation powder on their skin. They just look ill or something. It doesn’t fit well with Asian face parts I think. There are boys who love girls with lighter skin color. They say exactly like my grandmother. It seems light skin color girls give them an image that they stay inside house and do some house jobs. So the boys who like these traditional girls like the lighter skin color girls. Unfortunately, it is majority in Japan. I don’t say it is just because my skin color that I had a trouble to find a boyfriend when I was student, but even when I had a boyfriend, boys often told me that my skin color was too dark.

Now I am married so I am happy to be natural skin color. I like my skin color, but I prefer when it is a bit tanned. I think a bit tanned skin makes me look healthier and slimmer.

Have you ever thought about your skin color? If not, just don’t. The natural color looks most gorgeous on you!

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photo by: [cipher]

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