Yes, it’s the new one! White faces are coming!

October 11th, 2012

With that picture, you imagine a Halloween party or rock music live shows? Well actually, it is the latest fashion in famous Harajuku area. It is very simple. Put white powder or cream to make your face completely white when you go out. Some years ago, there were bunch of people who make their face as black as possible and put white shiny make ups to make the detail of the face look beautiful after that there were movements of gothic and Lolita fashion. It seems the latest one is this white face fashion. It gets crazily popular after a famous black face girls’ magazine “egg” introduced a girl with white face. That’s when I got to know this movement as well. That was very shocking to see the picture. There are some reasons why I got so surprised, the main one is her body shape. As I mentioned already in several articles of this page, Japanese models are usually very skinny. Often too skinny to be healthy, I am not so sure that this girl stays in a healthy weight in the opposite way of the concern, but it can be a change for sure. She is big like easily more than 100kg, she wears the self customized kimono, her face is completely white, and her hair is blue and pink. Her name is Miss Tsuno.

Their famous event is the “parade of white faces”. It started on twitter. First some groups of the friends start to walk with all the white face girls and boys around the Harajuku and go to restaurant to be closer friends with the others after. They started it in this May and now the people who join the parade are almost 300 people a time. There are no difficult rules to join it. If you make yourself white and put the favorite clothes in your closet, you are ready to go. That day, all the restaurant, café, shopping malls are full of the white face people. That stimulates others to join in the next time. That’s how the number of people who join the parade is growing.

I went to Harajuku when I was 17 years old to see my friend. We just hang out and went to shopping, but I do remember that there were people who put whatever the clothes they like and walk around like they don’t care what the others think. For a girl who was always conscious about what others think of how she looks, it looked so cool. White face and colorful hair, if you like it just go on. Don’t mind others nobody will judge you in Harajuku. Harajuku is a small place, but I feel it is the strongest community in Japan.

If you get a chance to visit Tokyo area, enjoy visiting this strong community!

Thank you to read my article.


photo by: NatalieHG

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