Yoga and Laughing, the perfect combination for the stressful world!!

January 28th, 2013

People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile - Lee Mildon

Yoga is one of the most popular exercises among Japanese women right now. Many active women hooked to Hot Yoga that is well known as a very intense exercise that works well for a detoxification as well. I am somebody pretty active, but I had never tried Yoga before I get pregnant. Now, I just love it. More my stomach gets bigger, I feel better after the 45 minutes Yoga session. My whole body is stretched out and becomes nicely soft. As you can imagine or if you have already got pregnant before, you do know all the pains and small troubles that pregnant woman get. Back pain, swollen leg, the sense of depression and worry for the pregnancy and delivery gets and more!

Before, I liked more intense exercise like running, badminton and swimming. After I get pregnant I had to stop these high active exercises for a while due to my morning sickness. Now I can’t even imagine running with my 9 month big tummy. Walking, gentry swimming and Yoga were recommended for pregnant women by my doctor. Since I don’t have a driving license, I always walk pretty a lot to go everywhere, so I decided to try to do Yoga for the first time of my life. I joined the normal Yoga class, but soon I quit because it is not designed for pregnant women. I often got stomachache after a session. I bought a maternity Yoga DVD to do it in home. Good point of Yoga is that you don’t really need special equipments to do. Your body, normal sports clothes and soft mattress are all you need.

Now a very original Yoga is getting popular in Japan. It is called “Smile Yoga” or “Laugh Yoga”. As you can see from the name, main focus for this Yoga is laughing. The movement of Yoga is pretty basic and soft since it is designed for people from all the age groups. Participants just need to follow the instructor and yes, you have to laugh loudly even nothing is funny or you are not in a good mood. It is the whole point of this exercise. Even it is a fake laugh your body reacts same way like you are actually laughing. With your laughing, brain considers the situation “happy” so it sends a signal to relax to your whole body. That helps you to have a better sleep, good appetite and also a full result from the Yoga session. Yoga is not a sport that uses thousands of calories in one try, but having a calm spirit is much more difficult thing than burning off enormous amount of calories.

If you are stressed and looking for an activity to conquer it, isn’t it the perfect choice for you?

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