You sure you look stylish in them? Japanese socks are waiting you!

December 11th, 2012

What is the item you have most in your closets, under wears, t-shirts, sweaters or working clothes? For me it would be camisoles or socks. The reason is easy. I don’t have so much money that I can use for my entire closets, but I love to change my clothes depends on my moods. If you have a simple mini jeans skirt and black short pants, you can change these two bottoms with socks anyway you want. If you feel sexy, you put nice sexy tights or high thigh socks. If you feel casual put a pair of long stripe socks or color tights with funny tops. Camisoles are mostly for nights. I can use them as casual/sexy pajamas to sleep or put them under some simple tops to give some accents. Someday I want to be able to say the things I have most in my closets are nice dresses or gorgeous shoes, but well meanwhile I enjoy my socks/camisole life.

Socks have always been my favorite item. The traditional socks in Japan are called “Tabi”. It is designed to put with the traditional shoes. The shoes are like beach sandals so the socks are not in normal shape to adapt with the shoes. The part for fingers is separated in two parts, one for the big toe and the one for the rest of fingers so that you can still put the shoes with your socks. It is the traditional socks. What are the socks in 21st century in Japan?

It was in my junior high school that first time I saw the weird socks that my friend had for the PE class. She had a pair of socks that its finger part was completely separated to each finger. So it looked exactly like gloves. It looked pretty odd, but she said it is super comfortable so that I should try. I didn’t run to a store to buy one, but I got one of the pairs next time I went to shopping with my mother. That was surely so good. It is annoying to put each finger to each part of the socks, but after that you can feel like you are walking in a bare foot but still protected. It was perfect for sports, especially running. You can feel that the foot is kicking the ground.

The thing I couldn’t find but I really want one in my closet is “tattoo tights”. They are getting really popular in Japan. Like you can guess from the name, it is a pair of tights that look like you have tattoo on your legs. I saw some pictures. Seriously, it looks so stylish. I can’t put them with my 8 months pregnancy tummy, but after I lose this baby weight, I would love to walk in them with my cute mini jeans skirt. First I have to find a way to get them from Japan.

Even the socks are unique in Japan. If you got a chance to visit Japan, make sure you see everything in front of you! You will find the things you have never seen over there!

Thank you to read my article.


photo by: norio_nomura

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